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Morgan Hill Update



The latest update regarding Morgan Hill is available on the link below:

In summary, the judge has received mass mailings of objection to releasing student data from the CDE, that she ordered the CDE to maintain custody of the most sensitive of its databases, the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) while running searches for information requested by the plaintiffs. The court also reiterated that no student personally identifiable information may be released to the plaintiffs unless and until they demonstrate to the satisfaction of the court that the method to be used to store the sensitive student data is secure. The parties are still litigating the extent of the disclosure of student data.

This information was presented to Coordinating Council earlier this week. An update will also be made on the District website.

As a reminder, the notice of objection form is to only be sent to the judge and not to WVUSD. If you are asked, please emphasize this with your parents.
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