School Site Council

Dear Maple Hill Families,
Looking to get more involved at Maple Hill? School Site Council (SSC) is a great teacher/parent committee that will provide you with the opportunity to connect with the school.
The SSC is a group of people elected to represent parents, teachers, and other staff. Representatives are elected for two-year terms. A School Site Council (SSC) is required because our school receives special state and federal program funds to help students meet District Standards.
The SSC is responsible for approving the Single Plan for Student Achievement budget and providing input on the development and effectiveness of the Single Plan. The SSC is also responsible for reviewing and updating the Plan each year. We also discuss test scores, state testing, student achievement, safety plans, school funding, school budget, and many more topics that are informative for parents. The SSC meets four times a year at 2:45 p.m. (Duration: 45 min-1 hour) with Ms. Morris and three of our teachers (Mrs. Gallegos, Mrs. Criddle, Mrs. Keelan).
Everyone is free to attend to hear about the inner workings of Maple Hill and provide feedback. Don’t be shy! Teamwork makes the dream work and we welcome your attendance and participation.
This Meeting’s Agenda
· Review what is SSC and SSC’s role
· Nominations
· Discussion items
o Reopening of school
o Next steps
Meeting Dates
October 14th
December 9th
January 27th
April 28th
Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 395 247 8006
Passcode: cx9s2e
Thank you,
Ms. Morris